End-of-Challenge Summary of Accomplishments

Great, job, Car-Lite Challengers! Together, we walked, biked, took public transportation, and carpooled for more than 1400 miles!

Throughout the 8-day Challenge, participants identified limitations, moments of achievement, and things they learned along the way.

Some of the top ways that participants described their experiences:

Enjoyable (13 people)
Very nice weather (8 people)
Beautiful (7 people)
Great (6 people)
Sense of community (3 people)
Gorgeous (3 people)
Happy (3 people)


Now for the stats!

All Counties:

Total Miles: 1534
Total Logs: 135

Log types
Walk: 57
Bike: 30
Public Transportation: 5
Carpool: 33
Combo: 8


Chemung County:

Total Logs: 37
Total Miles: 487

Log types
Walk: 9
Bike: 4
Public Transportation: 3
Carpool: 16
Combo: 3


Cortland County:

Total Miles: 951.7
Total Logs: 76

Log types
Walk: 43
Bike: 13
Public Transportation: 1
Carpool: 16
Combo: 3


Schuyler County

Total Miles: 30.8
Total Logs: 6

Log types
Walk: 5
Public Transportation: 1


Steuben County

Total Miles: 65
Total Logs: 15

Log types
Bike: 13
Carpool: 1
Combo: 2


Day 8 Summary: Cortland County

Participants: 5
Miles: 35.75

Dustin: Walked to store to get milk this morning before work.

Shana: My schedule doesn’t always allow me to bicycle commute, but I’m glad I had a chance today as I caught a very, very beautiful sunrise coming from Groton to Cortland on 222. ( And, I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy it nearly as long in a car!)

Dan: Walked round trip from home to work.

Cassey: I was worried I was going to get rained on on my walk back home- but I made it!!

Erin: I carpooled with other members of a local hiking group to our hiking destination. There were 11 of us and we used 3 cars instead of 11 cars to get to and from the trail. We also hiked 3.75 miles in Cortland county! 🙂

Day 8 Summary: Chemung County

Participants: 4
Miles: 45.75

David: Carpooled to lunch

Doug: Carpooled to lunch

Katie: It was only fitting that on the last day of this challenge I had hoped to bike to and from work, but, when gearing up for the ride home, I discovered a nail in my bike tire that made it flat. I didn’t have a spare tube, so I was left to find another way home. This was the second time this week that this had happened and only helped illuminate the already obvious lesson in this challenge: understanding my own privilege…

Read more on Katie’s reflections on the challenge here.