End-of-Challenge Summary of Accomplishments

Great, job, Car-Lite Challengers! Together, we walked, biked, took public transportation, and carpooled for more than 1400 miles!

Throughout the 8-day Challenge, participants identified limitations, moments of achievement, and things they learned along the way.

Some of the top ways that participants described their experiences:

Enjoyable (13 people)
Very nice weather (8 people)
Beautiful (7 people)
Great (6 people)
Sense of community (3 people)
Gorgeous (3 people)
Happy (3 people)


Now for the stats!

All Counties:

Total Miles: 1534
Total Logs: 135

Log types
Walk: 57
Bike: 30
Public Transportation: 5
Carpool: 33
Combo: 8


Chemung County:

Total Logs: 37
Total Miles: 487

Log types
Walk: 9
Bike: 4
Public Transportation: 3
Carpool: 16
Combo: 3


Cortland County:

Total Miles: 951.7
Total Logs: 76

Log types
Walk: 43
Bike: 13
Public Transportation: 1
Carpool: 16
Combo: 3


Schuyler County

Total Miles: 30.8
Total Logs: 6

Log types
Walk: 5
Public Transportation: 1


Steuben County

Total Miles: 65
Total Logs: 15

Log types
Bike: 13
Carpool: 1
Combo: 2


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